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Radnik Exports is recognised one of India’s elite family run business houses in the fashion industry.

  • We have nearly 50 years of diverse international experience.

  • The monthly production capacity is about 1 million pieces of the garment & home products.

  • We have 5000 machines over 15 factories spread across the Delhi NCR region covering more than 500,000 sq. ft. work area.

  • Monthly  Manufacturing capacity of over a 1 million high fashion garments, along with over a 250 thousand technical products such as soft furnishings, fashion accessories & military gear, with a workforce of nearly 10,000 employees.

  • The in-house laboratories are accredited by buyers for all physical tests.

  • We are backed with the modern optitex software for facilitating clients over the internet via virtual 3D fitting and design presentations.

  • We also have a real-time production monitoring system that enables high accuracy to observe production output and targets at the micro-level.

Sourcing Structure

  • Radnik has Fabric and Accessories sourcing at multiple location such as China, Hong Kong, Surat, Salem & Erode

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