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Project RISE (Radnik Initiative for Social Empowerment)

This is a skill development program that has been operational since 2007. The aim is to impart skill development training to women to make them more confident and independent for their social and professional career journey. Currently, we have trained approximately 10,000 women workers for various skills of the garment industry.

Project RISE has also helped in creating awareness among women on nutrition, hygiene, sanitation, family planning, vaccination, cervical and breast cancer. This initiative also conducts various training programs such as English speaking skills, computer training, tuition classes, creating health awareness in villages, schools, RADNIK factories, along with health check-up camps under an experienced doctor’s supervision.

  • Project HER was done in collaboration with NGO Swasti and Best Sellers Group on hygiene and health issues for our women workforce.



  • Project SWAR (Sustainability of Water and Resources), Radnik was the first supplier to get a certification project initiated by Lindex for this project.



  • Project FLA (Fair Labour Association), based on the capacity building at the home workers village center.



  • Project PENSION is a corporate project for our in-house workers. This encourages the workers to enroll in pension plans and saving schemes, which they don't have access to, as banks do not entertain low-income customers.



  • Project BHAGTA BHARAT is Radnik’s corporate NGO, which supports underprivileged children, and imparts life skill education. Currently, we have reached approximately 3,500 kids through this endeavor.


Environmental Initiatives


RADNIK is determined to make a visible difference  to the Environment & periodically conducts Tree Plantation drives.

These plantation drives are aimed toward  creating Sustainable Ecosystems and halting and reversing Land degradation



  • 2020 - 2500 Trees in Sector 125, Noida

  • 2021 - 2100 Trees in Green Belt Site 1 in Sector 62, Noida

  • FY 22-23 - 8000 Trees in Green Belt Sites 2,3 & 4 in Sector 62, Noida


Given todays increasing issues around water scarcity RADNIK is investing into the adoption of ponds and other aquatic water bodies.

Our efforts to restore and rejuvenate water bodies help to boost ground water tables, enrich ecological balance and create a thriving local flora and fauna.



  • 2022 -  Pond Adopted at Nayphal , Wave City, Ghaziabad & completed restored. Annual recharge potential of approx 11.7 million liters of water.

  • 2023 - Pond Adopted at Village Khanjarpur , Ghaziabad. Work towards restoration has started at the site. Estimated time of Completion : Dec-2023. ​​Annual recharge potential of around 300 million liters of water.

Green Energy Initiatives

Solar Panel Pilot:

Working towards enhancing Green Energy, we have installed Solar Panels at 3 of our units, with a combined generation of 343 KW of Renewable Electricity.
We are deploying an intensive approach towards increasing our Renewable Energy Mix share by installing more RTS & conceptualizing PPA's.

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